In Mercedes 126 Mend: Neglected Fluids, Section I we checked out the rear differential. Now allow us renovate our awareness to¬† another fluid that many residence homeowners never hassle to alter — electric powered electrical power steering fluid.

Electrical power STEERING FLUID Modify

Most Mercedes 126 householders won’t at any time acquire apart their recirculating-ball steering gear box. But these that do get a new-found appreciation for that worthy of of fresh new fluid within the power-steering technique. Moreover in to the principal worm devices assembly together with interface between the ball nut additionally the sector equipment that actually turns the Pitman arm, you’ll find quite a few sets of needle bearings. Most of these shifting sections are lubricated by continual flows of electrical electrical power steering fluid. The greater considerably contaminated that fluid is, the greater swiftly these sections will gown in. Together with a worn steering box translates into sloppy steering, doable security potential risks, and a pricey fix provider or substitute. (The power steering pump, in contrast, is much, considerably less difficult to interchange, and top-quality designed usage of styles may be sourced for as little as $50.)

There was some discussion regarding the propriety of utilizing automatic transmission fluid (ATF) during this treatment. Though ATF was specified by the homeowners guidebook, ATF won’t be what it was once and it’s transform relatively hostile on the lots of seals within just just the steering system. Ideally, ATF seriously should be eschewed in favor of plain outdated electrical electricity steering fluid. When artificial fluids are available, common fluids are accurately excellent.

To alter the fluid, support the entrance within the car on jack stands earning confident the two entrance wheels are off the ground. Undo the hose clamp securing the return hose to your return “snorkel” screwed towards the pump, and speedy the hose into a appropriate container for catching the outdated fluid. Both equally plug the snorkel or loosen it acquiring a 19mm wrench and turn it to guarantee it details upwards, permitting you to definitely undoubtedly fill the reservoir with no want of doing away with fluid from your return fitting. The regular course of action down below would be to start the engine and integrate fluid even though the pump quickly forces the previous fluid out. But this course of action has some sizeable negatives.

It truly is most emphatically not a one-man course of action. The motion volume is so rapidly that there is an incredible possibility from the pump functioning dry and sucking air until a gradual resource of new fluid is poured in. If issues get away from hand, you need a helper to shut the motor off appropriate absent. Any time you really don’t have a very helper and don’t need to danger hazardous the pump or pulling air into the approach, you require an excellent superior way.